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Posted by JamesHill on 6th February 2019

Green Lane Planning Application

A planning application for 50 homes have been put forward for the land on Green Lane opposite the cemetery. This site is not supported by the Neighbourhood Plan and must be rejected for that reason and the fact that we are already set to get over 400 new homes over the next few years.

You will find our objection on the Waverley website.

It is important that we all object to this application even if our sole objection is that it is not  supported by our much needed Neighbourhood Plan.

Objection to WA/2018/2196
Application for 50 dwellings at Green Lane Farm Green Lane Badshot Lea

The site is not supported by the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan (FNP)and does not form part of the Waverley BC Development Plan. The FNP has identified more than sufficient sites to accommodate the Objectively Assessed Need (OAS) for housing for the period of the plan until 2032. Development of this site is entirely unnecessary.

Badshot Lea and its immediate area is already set to grow by an additional 437 homes, with around 800 cars, through development along St. Georges Road and Green Lane. The village currently comprises around 530 homes. We do not want or need what is virtually another village built around us over the next five years.

The infrastructure, particularly the roads, will struggle to cope with the development already approved. Local development and the 4000 plus homes being built just 3 miles north along the A325 will add significantly to the existing problems.

The site is within the 5km Thames Basin Special Protection Area (SPA) where development should be avoided if there are alternatives. The FNP has identified the preferred alternatives.

The successful appeal on the adjacent site was based largely on the subjective views of the Inspector who conveniently ignored the main contents and facts contained within the FNP. We must make sure this not does not happen again.  


- The site is not supported by the FNP

- The site does not form part of the Waverley Development Plan

- The site is within the SPA where development should be avoided if there are           alternatives.

- Badshot Lea area is already set to grow by around 80% over the next 5 years.     

- The local roads, particularly the junction of the B3208 and the A325 are already heavily congested.

- Sufficient sites have already been identified to provide the required number of homes in the Farnham area.

- The FNP should be given full weight and the application rejected.

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