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Posted by JamesHill on 10th August 2017

WA/2015/2283 Green Lane Badshot Lea

The BLCA sent the following to the Joint Planning Committee in advance of their recent meeting covering the Green Lane planning application.

Dear Councillor

We realise that this is an outline application and matters such as scale and density will be dealt with at the Reserved Matters stage. However we feel it is important to clearly establish from the outset that the proposed density is inappropriate for this location.

The applicant states `The density of 30.95 dwellings per hectare, which reflects the density of other development in the area`.

This is a very misleading assertion as the only development near the site, and forming the northern and western boundaries, are 17 and 26 per hectare respectively.

Policy H4 States inter alia: Density is often not in itself a primary contributor to local character, though there is a limit to the density realistically achievable for a given site without creating buildings out of scale with their context, generating excessive parking requirements etc. etc.

The proposed density here cannot be achieved without three story flats and two and a half story town houses. Clearly these are more appropriate for town centre or edge of town locations. This then goes on to create a situation where even the minimum parking standards are not achievable.  Again, minimum parking standards may be appropriate for more suburban situations but we should not accept minimum standards on a site such as this.

Although we are disappointed to lose yet another of our open spaces we accept the principle of development on this site. It is the quality of the development that is now our main concern.

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